Declaration Of Independence "The Warringah Republic" on Barrangaroo's Sovereign Koori Owned Land (Kurringai)

Declaration Of Independence - "The Warringah Republic" on Barrangaroo's Sovereign Koori Owned Land (Kurringai).
A Commonwealth "Green-Book Socialist" Direct Democracy.

This In no way Changes Warringah Resident's Relationship with the Australian Commonwealth Federation as it's only Constitutional claim to Sovereignty was removed when the Australian High Court struck out the false claim of Terra Nullius Incognito with the Murray Island / Eddy Mabo Decision but they may prefer to ignore Tony Abbott as he generally ignores our concerns.

Look up and Meet God - The Gai Marigal Tribe’s Deity the Giant Sleeping Perentie (large Goanna or Lace Monitor second largest in size behind Indonesia's Komodo Dragon) or Lizard Rock on Sydney Metropolitan ABoriginal Land Council Property besides Morgan Road at Belrose - West of Oxford Falls in Warringah.

 Serious Safety Concerns at Manly Hospital (Karangal) East Wing due to endemic staff shortages & Mayor Lord Mosley Regan Promises 2.3% Rate Rise to Make his new IG FARBEN GARAGES U-boat Fleet "Fit for The Future" being a Third "Thousand Year Reich"

To all authorities be they Local State or Federal

Dawn Walker MLC

Mehreen Faruqi MLC

David Shoebridge MLC

Hon Gabrielle Upton MP - NSW Local Government Minister

Hon Brad Hazzard MP - NSW Health Minister and Member for Wakehurst

Hon Rob Stokes MP as Member for Pittwater

James Griffin MP as Member for Manly

Hon. Jonathon O'Dea as Member for Davidson

I note that I left the end off a sentence and I now resend to fix up a few typos -

I note that the Public Health Service Monopoly Provider Clause is not in the HEALTHSCOPE Contract according to comment's by Clr. Alex McTaggart who as an ex-MP for Pittwater is allowed to read these Contracts and Plans - If I was given the Choice (which patients are not always given despite use of the "Free Market" term "Consumer" ) I would go to North Shore, Hornsby or even Gosford rather than this  new HEALTHSCOPE Hospital (such is the insincerity of it's existence so far) if Manly or particularly Mona Vale Hospital are closed as planned but this will be much later than October 2018 as there is no other local Public Health Provider this side of North Shore and Hornsby.

Giving a Public Healthcare Monopoly Service Contract to a Private Provider was to maximize the Hospital the Private Hospital's Profit's by turning their (to use an oxymoron) "Consumers" into "Hostages" as is especially the case with Patient's Committed under the NSW Mental Health Act who have no Human Rights whatsoever due to a Lack of a Charter of Rights and Responsibilities like the one introduced in Victoria in 2006 (now being put to it's first test) that was based of the ACT Bill of Rights.

A Monopoly Public Healthcare Contract to a Private Healthcare Provider such as HEALTHSCOPE would have created a SOVEREIGN risk if it fell over as did NORTH SHORE PRIVATE which was a Joint-Venture run by Ramsey Health and the NSW (then Labor) Government that Collapsed Financially with ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND despite being underwritten by UK Taxpayers thus necessitated the NSW State Government refinancing with the NAB owned AMP Investment Bank as in the meantime the cleaners were not being paid because the Rationalists who wrote the Contracts failed to mention cleaning services - no-one can run a Hermetic Temple without Cleaning Services but no one could tell the CITY OF LONDON this. Public Beds in Public Hospitals currently sub let to Private Patients all of the time and this rarely causes a problem but putting the shoe on the other foot creates Sovereign Risk with the Public Patient now an insecure tenant.

The Patients who use North Shore Private, fortunately were only there for Elective Surgery as the Accident and Emergency & Mental Health are in the Structurally Separate Public Hospital on the other side of the Chapel and Like Savings Banks and (Un-secured) Margin Lenders that is a Structural Separation that is Essential but in no-way present at HEALTHSCOPE Frenchs Forest where just one fire could turn both into a towering inferno and the Committed "Hostages" in the secure 50 Bed Private Mental Health ward on the Entire third floor would be locked in and could be at the mercy of contracted staff working under secrecy or Commercial in Confidence non-disclosure clauses who might lack the transparency of Trade Union Safety Oversight - an Internal inquiry where any surviving Hostages would not be asked to give evidence would always clear the staff who would back each other up as there would be no counter argument presented.

The Importance of Structural Separation.

The 30 Bed Karangal "East Wing" Mental Health Unit Opened at Manly Hospital, North Head around 1991 and badly needs some maintenance and upgrading but needs to remain open for this reason - the edge must be cut off the bricks that create a lay-back climbing hold (on the external "Safe Ward" courtyard wall) used by Former Member For Warringah the Hon Michael MacKellar's Son to escape and jump to his death off Blue-fish Point.

Admittedly the rest of Manly Hospital's Wards, Especially the General Medical ward opened in 1922 are pretty stuffed.

My Father has just had a Brain Tumor (A Grade 4 Carcinoma that will at least require #RadiationTherapy if not #Chemotherapy if that doesn't work) removed in North Shore Private thanks to BUPA Private Health Insurance that I personally cannot afford - It is a lovely hospital that provided him with the best care that I could in no way afford. Could you imagine that this hospital was shut down to minimal services due to a cleaner shortage due to administrative problems meaning no one would pay them? Could you imagine if the same thing happened assuming they had a Monopoly Public Healthcare Provider Contract that made the Public Heathcare "Consumer" (A de-humanizing predatory "Hunter and Gatherer" word I despise) into their "Hostages" as patients have no utility to shop around as implied by the false Free Market Capitalist Terminology in a TOTALITARIAN Health System.

Manly Hospital is really good for Public alcohol detox where surgical equipment is not critical but availability of a quiet bed for 1-2 weeks or longer (which is the hard part) and tolerant staff are needed - the only alternative is Herbert Street Clinic at Royal North Shore Hospital - the Long Term Phoenix Drug and Alcohol Clinic is now a Private Facility (Owned by Kadesh - from Woolongong) and Requires Public Health Insurance with seemingly the Only Public Patients admitted under the NSW Inebriate Act possibly due the small size of the unit - getting a vacancy in Herbert Street is hard enough then after one week a Public patient usually cannot get a long term bed and often relapses as soon as they leave Herbert Street - the Buttery do a real good job out West of Bangalow if you can afford it, partly because it is a really long walk to the Public Bar.

Member for Manly James Griffin has suggested a Young Person's Hospice, I don't know what the demand is but Young Person's Nursing Homes are in especially short supply, Most Nursing Homes are built for Senior Citizens who are not expected to live long whereas many young paraplegics or quadriplegics, Spina-Bifeda or Cerebral Palsy require similar care over a long term yet are young and often very active especially mentally.

Mona Vale District Community Hospital was built in the 1960's, It has a great location on the Main Pittwater Road Bus route and it's Surgical Facilities being Two Operating Theatres and a Procedure Room are obsolete - Could they be Renovated & Retrofitted with new equipment one operating theatre at a time when the HEALTHSCOPE HOSPITAL in Warringah opens while the other maintains full operating theatre reserve capability to provide Rob Stokes promised "Triage Facility" to full field hospital Emergency Surgical Operating Theatre & Intensive Care Standards rather than being totally dependent on ongoing stabilization by Ambulance or Air Ambulance Paramedics (and the availability of the fuel and roads to operate them)?


Monday April 23, 2018. approx 1600 hrs AEST

Earlier this Year Health Minister Brad Hazzard announced that the New Centralized Private "Northern Beaches Hospital" in the Remote (20m from RNS - now easily an hour by car from Palm Beach on most business days with MVDH conveniently half way to only operate as an emergency "Triage" somewhat reliant on Singapore Sourced RON-115 Helicopter AvGas to cover for regular flooding on most direct road) Location of Frenchs Forest, Warringah that is mooted to replace the two Public Hospitals in Warringah that are still officially Scheduled to close in October 2018 despite Brad Hazzard reporting on the Front Page of the Manly Daily that Jillian Skinner's Private HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE CORPORATION's #HEALTHSCOPE (sole "competitive" Tenderer in a Yemeni Election Style Tendering Process - there were two Tenderers but Ramsay Heath pulled out as Ali Abdullah Saleh did in Yemen) operated PRIVATE hospital with a Public Health Service contract that competes with cash business of providing "Fly-In-Fly-Out transplant Surgery" to presumably foreign Privately Insured Paying Export Elective Surgery "Consumers" will not open to:

 "End of 2019" 

  - reportedly according to the Former Planning Minister who admitted not wanting anything to do with the project outside Forestville Public Hall and that Yes he had met Charles P Curran of CAPITAL INVESTMENTS deciding to declare a conflict of Interest in order to sandbag on the issue - to then later became the Health Minister Hon. Bradley Hazzard (who apparently no longer stands to make a Capital Gain out of the Project as Sydney Property Prices have started to implode in Warringah like everywhere else) blames Spanish Road Contractor Ferrovial York's Incompetence in taking on such a poorly planned Road Project that wasn't even considered until after the morning HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE CORPORATION's Director and Deputy Premier Jillian Skinner who announced the New #PPP "Fly-In-Fly-Out Transplant Surgery Hospital" on 29th February 2012 "Vision 2021" meeting at Dee Why RSL where Sydney North Area Health Chief Executive Ms Vicki Taylor can't remember Reading aloud the *point form minutes that she showed Conny Harris and myself when she read out Brad Hazzard's promise that he could "Move" the Endangered Duffy's Forest Ecological Community Wildlife Corridor where the Hermetic Monstrosity now sits and HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE CORPORATION & NSW Health Department (With Brad Hazzard as the Health Minister) Denies ever existed.

In 2011 Brad Hazzard was Elected to Government with the line that Labor were going to turn Frenchs Forest into another "Chatswood" (or was it to be a "Mini Chatswood"? as the Front Page Manly Daily article is not on-line) and he claimed to oppose this but now under Charles P Curran's 2012 Metro Strategy he has supported 10 Story High Rise for Frenchs Forest - just amalgamate the Councils (with onother 40) to remove the Warringah Local Environment Plan to eliminate the wildlife Corrodor that the Labor Hospital proposal would have maintained but this was rejected by the Joint Regional Planning Pannel when Brad Hazzard saw his properties including a investment property opposite the Spastic Center as a conflict of interest.

And the non-free market Liberal version. 


This false document states on Page 6

"The site of the Potential Specialised Centre at Frenchs Forest is generally free of environmental constraints and natural hazards."


...after the area has been 'Environmentally and Indigenously Disinfected' I presume.

Charles P Curran seems to have a son or nephew that lectures for the Lowy Institute at the Center for American Studies at the University of Sydney and the report commissioned suggests a corridor of high-rise between Chatswood and (then 50% Frank Lowy Owned) Warringah Mall and describes the Forest Coach lines bus route as the Main form of public transportation which is clearly false with the Government Buses traveling North South carrying much greater numbers on established bus lanes.

However more People are now reliant on driving their car to get to the bus now that the Palm Beach L90 Service to has been Discontinued during both Peak hours with Synchronized 10 Second Lights Changes at Jacksons Road Warriewood Stopping traffic frequently to prioritize four to six cars leaving the "Park and Jam" station up the road at Warringah Rugby Park (Now Renamed "North Narrabeen Reserve" because the name "Warriewood" could lead to a Native Title Claim (Except "Whariewood" is a Scottish Name and Narrabeen is a mis-translated "Narenburn" who performed the "Miracle of Mullet Creek" at what is now known as the "Warriewood Wetlands" at North Narrabeen) on what is ABoriginal Riperian Land - note Pittwater Council's Emblem is a Mangrove Tree from Riperian Land - Brief 10 second Light Changes don't stop the traffic long enough for local residents to still reverse their car out of the driveway yet during Morning and Afternoon Peak Hours the continual traffic crawl goes as far North as the Kamakaze Corner round-about at North Bilgola where half of the traffic has a chance to peel-off onto Old Barrenjoey Road or vice-versa.

Under Roman Law decreed by Romulus and Remus Riperian Land was deemed to be ABoriginal land because it was no good to sell to people to build on to they gave this land to the "Original" people of Rome who still hunt fish in the River Tiber and the word "AB" which is the Syriac word for Water used as prefix - this logo would be why the "Welcome To Pittwater" sign was vandalized by by the NORTHERN BEACHES COUNCIL of South East Rhodesia and why there has been a concerted effort to destroy Warringah  and Pittwater's Intellectual Property by another unnecessary roll out of signage just to destroy ABoriginal Cultural Heritage - When I tried to get the two "ViVa Warringah" signs made up every sign-maker required over a month's notice however Signarama at North Manly put themselves out to help me at short notice to produce the Decals that you can see on the "ViVa-Warringah" sign that I carefully attached to two 3m length of Mission Brown painted three-ply

"My Eyes are dim, I cannot see - I have not brought my specs with me" - Might need to check Dr Conny Harris' eyes too as I can't remember exactly what she saw. 

Whoever declared herself to be Vicki Taylor's "Executive Director" was sure that no Minutes existed from the 29th Feb 2012 Dee Why RSL "Vision2021" Meeting because Vicki Taylor never took the Minutes (Statement By Executive Director who would not divulge her name "THERE WERE NO MINUTES TAKEN!") that Vicki Taylor (Who was identified for Dr Conny Harris and Myself by Mrs Patricia Boydell immediately after the meeting) read out in front of us - unfortunately Mrs Patricia Boydell died suddenly while at home alone after she more recently had second thoughts about the Hospital that she had agreed to in 2012 after being promised 20 extra Acute Psychiatric Beds by Mike Baird and #PUSH         (read #PUTSCH) Campaign yet soon later opposed on many other grounds such as the loss of Amenity for Wildlife, Pedestrians, and Motorists.

(According to Brad Hazzard every dead Wallaby found was apparently confirmed his theory that no animal could cross 6 lane Warringah Road)

 - This was his Position as Planning Minister despite being quoted in the Manly Daily at the 29th Feb 2012 Meeting whilst RMS were convinced all forms of animals including an Avian Powerful Owl and Endangered Spotted Tail Quoll could cross Warringah Roads 6 lanes especially in that they mostly cross in Nocturnal Hours as a DNA survey on abundant bandicoots showed that the Populations on both sides of Warringah Road were closely related from interbreeding. HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE CORPORATION and NSW Heath replied with an extreme Rationalist Agenda that the Bandicoot DNA Analysis was irrelevant as Bandicoots are not endangered and doesn't prove any other animals ever crossed Warringah Road near Wakehurst Parkway and unless activists can catch two Endangered Spotted tail Quoll's one North and another South of Warringah Road and prove that they are related HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE CORPORATION will continue to maintain the Wildlife Corridor that Brad Hazzard Promised to "Move" never in fact existed - Jillian Skinner could have been a Ghost Writer for George Orwell.

Not only that the "Threatened Species Act" was replaced with a blank piece of paper called the "Biodiversity Conservation Act" which didn't list the local Clay Soil dependent endangered "Duffy's Forest Ecological Community and the Ecological Report fraudulently misrepresented a battle-axe block of "Dry Sclerophyl Ridge-top" vegetation on shallow sandy behind Bare Creek Tip at Belrose as being Duffy's Forest Ecology - this outright Bio-Banking fraud was exposed by Smith and Smith Ecologists.

All Crown Land in the Surrounding Area now has a Cavaet on it as an environmental offset for this hospital because their was insufficient land available to provide the Bio-Banking points land was purchased at the Remote location of Baulkham Hills that serves no utility to Warringah's Wildlife.

There are now 12 Full Time Nursing Positions left unfilled at Manly Hospital East Wing with staff regularly being forced to work 16h Double Shifts which is detrimental to patient safety and if Safe Ward is a Staff Member Down patients are denied access to the Courtyard for safety reasons.

Staff Morale is slipping due to lack of Employment Certainty with HEALTHSCOPE Promising to lure employees with above award individual Contracts (presumably to break Union oversight which is without a Charter of Rights the only safely oversight a Committed Acute Mental Health Patient can get as internal investigations are a politically correct term for a cover up which is why the NSW Mental Health act stipulates that patients cannot be committed to Private Mental Health Facility.

Police in Victoria are being investigated for assaulting a Disability Pensioner they were sent to detain under the Victorian Mental Health Act yet they maced him (Followed with a blast from his garden hose) and beat him with a truncheon whilst face down on the Ground. This despite the 2006 Victorian Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.

The footage from his surveillance camera would be considered inadmissible in NSW where there is no Charter of Rights and Responsibilities like Victoria and the ACT.

When a Nurse is alone due to under-staffing as is the case on night shift they often ignore the problems of patients for fear of a confrontation - to the point where I was assaulted by six orderlies at an unknown time on a Sunday Night in July 1999 because the Nurse wanted to inject me with Valium because I was standing at the unanswered door of the Nurses Station pointing at my undiagnosed thrush infection throat which was causing me difficulty in breathing.

After being admitted with dehydration, Sinus Headache and a heavy dose of the flu on Saturday Morning where I read the Obituary of my Primary School Friend Ms Sasha Shen in the Manly Daily who lived next door from Brad Hazzard then immediately given a Dose of Haloperidol by Dr Smallman (Who is main proponent of Northern Beaches Hospital) and soon suffered an Severe Dystonic Reaction when sitting unsupervised in a recliner arm chair in Manly East-wing Safe Ward Dining/TV ward - fortunately my mother turned up a few minutes later and noticed I was semi-conscious but lying silent, motionless and not breathing in the chair with my eyes rolled back and 5 years later I found out my School Friend Sasha is an unsolved Cold Case who died of a Heroin Hot Shot and when I questioned my Local MP - Attorney General Brad Hazzard at a Cromer Shops "Street Meeting" he feigned surprise at finding out Sasha had died (at all - of a Forced Heroin Hot Shot which left bruises on her arm from being restrained) in 1999 the Weekend before the GST and New Tax System was passed with the support of Senator Meg Lees, Senator Andrew Murray, NSW Democrat Senator Vicki Bourne who refused to speak to me as she  claimed she "wasn't dealing with that issue" and two other Australian Democrats Senators while Then Australian Democrat Senator Andrew Bartlett & Natasha Stott-Despoja voted against after I spoke about the Electronics Repair trade and e-waste to both of them.

Only for Historical Reference

Sasha's New Zealand Born Chinese Father (who was separated from his Wife & no longer living at Allambie Heights) was an importer of Computer Monitors and he went to Goulborn Supermax because he wouldn't talk when he was caught in a Drug Squad sting as his computer monitors were being used as Heroin importation Mules which was the Cash Crop of Hang Ten Holdings/Kong Wah - Akai/Semi Tech Global which was a Li-Ka-Shing - Stanley Ho hedge Fund Fronted by Australian Born CEO & Akai Electrical Engineer Rt Hon James Henry Ting Wei who became a Canadian Peer after getting off a 7 year jail term for False accounting due to a mistrial that was supposed to be retried alongside the Rt Hon Stanley Ho at Prince Charles' Privy Council. As there has been no proceedings to report on Perth/Hong Kong Class Action Prosecutor Cossimo Borelli decided to settle out of Court in Civil case on behalf of Shareholders and 15% of Shares were held by the Government of the People's Republic of China who had not been receiving Dividends due to continual false reports of losses.
I knocked on Brad Hazzard's Arnhem Road Allambie Heights door after parking my car outside Mr's Shen's house next door on the Sunday Night (June 27, 1999) after Sasha Shen was murdered I had no Idea while the police turned up and decided to frisk me as I walked across the Nature strip to my car - the Police told me absolutely nothing after I explained that I knocked on Brad's door, Next door and there was no answer - I was in total shock to read Sasha's Obituary which is I gather why Police were casing her mother's house.

Jillian Skinner's HEALTH INFRUSTRUCTURE CORPORTION - HEALTHSCOPE NORTHERN BEACHES HOSPITAL in #Warringah is too Vertically Integrated and too narrow at it's base and I am not just talking about the Shape of Frenchs Forest's version of "The Yellow House" but also it's fiscal Prudence due to absence of #StructuralSeparation - then with the Merged SOVIET TROIKA (As opposed to a Local Council as #Northern @beachescouncil is #Regional not #Local) the Internal Structural Separation between Manly, Warringah & Pittwater is being dissolved and the new $31 Rate Rise (Passed with three Absent on Mayor Regan's Casting Vote) wallows up the #KPMG report's promised $20 Per Household Savings as well to Replaces Local Government With a Vertically Integrated Monolith compible of Mr #Li Ka-Shing and his puppets Lawrence Ho, James Packer and Paul Keating's #CROWN Casino (Named after Bennelong's Gai Marigal Tribe Wife #Barrangaroo) that Obliterated the historic "Hungry Mile" Docklands.

Without any real semblance of Structural Separation is there any limit to how much NSW Taxpayers are expected to underwrite this Private Enterprise Public Health Gravy Train as this could lead to a Greek Style collapse due to a  Leveraged Extortion racket on an essential service provision? Jillian Skinner has given Healthscope a box of Pens and the NSW Taxpayers Public Health Checque Book Like the Greek Government Did when they Entered into an Agreement with Goldman Sach's undertakers who Privatized Greece's Essential Hospital Services and now we see that HEALTHSCOPE is ripe for Takeover before the New Hospital is even open.


Regarding Ethnic Cleansing Abolition of Warringah "wave-sea-rain" Council by forced merger and generous Charf Bagging of General Manager Mark Ferguson for being sued over two Failed Manly Car Park Projects he personally had nothing to do with.

The on-line Electronic Survey from Washington USA gave residents only two options "Split Warringah" which Former Warringah Mayor Michael Regan ran a High Profile "Don't Split Warringah" campaign with the alternative "One Northern Beaches" was to abolish Warringah "wave-sea-rain" altogether. 
The "Split Warringah" Protest vote won in a Massive Landslide with Manly-Warringah described as Greater Manly (quitie Blatantly only to Ethnically Cleanse Warringah) and Greater Pittwatter Which was Equivalent to the Federal Seat of MacKellar but Gerrymandered to Include Killarney Heights instead of Dee Why which seemed to be a deliberate, absurd corruption done just to provoke outrage as was including the Western, Middle Harbourside Mosman and declaring the New Council would be called "Northern Beaches" when Inland Mosman would more often be described as on Warrang's North Shore.

The Manly Daily failed to report the Warringah Community's Shock when their Identity that dates back 20k Years was almost totally abolished without any Consultation on renaming as "Northern Beaches" of South East Rhodesia
The Front Page of Saturday's Newly Top Secret Pay-walled Manly Every-Third Daily reports the surprise Bad News that local Manly and Pittwater Imploding "Fannie May" and "Freddie Mac" Collatoralized Debt Obligation CDO Reseller, Premier Mike Baird misled us all as Forcibly Merging Manly Warringah and Pittwater Councils won't produce the savings the top secret Commercial In Confidence KPMG report "A Chicken for every Pot" or "A Chicken Dinner" per household per Year as Nick Sharp (Lives at Freshwater in Warringah) said at the Mona Vale Golf Club "Greater Pittwater Consultation Forum" as opposed to the Greater Manly Consultation Forum" (At Manly Golf Club - as views of Warringah Residents were not considered to be relevant to most Manly and Pittwater Residents who felt they were oppressed and being invaded by then Warringah Mayor Michael Regan's Militaristic Geopolitical Ambitions) - described the long term KPMG 20 Year Economic forecast as Mayor Lord Mosley Regan now promises a 2.3% Rate Increase which he describes as "Vital to avoid a "significant impact" on long term financial sustainability".

Pittwater Resident Phil Walker succeded on Appeal where David Shoebridge MLC's Request for the $200k Manly and Pitwater Ratepayer Funded KPMG report with Modelling that was mirrored on over 20 other Council's KPMG Reports

To Richard Pearson 2nd of February 2016 at Mona Vale Golf Club

Part 2

"He and most Councilors believe a proposed capital works program of more than $760 Million in the Next Decade -
(With this Years $76M CORPORATE Damages Budget already earmarked (so expect the usual Hobson's Choice because Gabrielle Upton has to Hedge her Cayman Island Retirement Nest Egg) to compensate the Developer that won the Tender to Redevelop Whistler Street Carpark and Market Square which never should have been built  yet this redevelopment can't go ahead because State Liberal Party Director David Begg at "Mounties on the Park" couldn't get his car into the Proposed Ratepayer Funded "Mounties under the Park" Submarine Parking Station under Manly Marlins Oval so the Rugby Team will no longer be put out for two years having to play elsewhere whilst it gets built.

- and services including sporting ground upgrades (to provide better camouflage for alternative U-boat Garage Locations) Childcare and Footpaths would have to be cut back if rates are frozen" - so Pittwater Residents will never see the likes of Barrenjoey Road Kerb and Guttered under the 1000 Year Reich of Mayor Lord Mosley Regan which was the Court Case against a young "P" Plate "Hoon" (from memory - according to the Manly Daily Headline) after the death 15 year old "Jess" who was knocked of her push-bike outside Avalon Oval and the court found that he spun on gravel that was only covering the road due to The Former 2nd Generation Warringah Council's substandard Road Maintenance (there was not even an attempt at marking a white edge line) and this prompted an Act of Parliament to Grant Warringah's A Riding Independence as Pittwater Council under the Command of Robert Dunn despite the A Riding only Referendum not quite getting up.

Because of Local Government Minister Gabrielle Upton who before she became Local Government Minister spoke at a Public Rally offering her support to her Own Woollahrah Council in their successful Court Case against being forcibly merged and Despite KPMG promising that Gabrielle Upton would supply each ratepayer with a $20 Chicken Dinner the greedy Bondi Cigar demands that we fork out $40 for two Chicken Dinners and she is going to sit down by herself and consume both birds so we should force her to eat crow.

I think it is time that We the Neo Saltwater People of Manly, Warringah and Pittwater give the FASCIST NORTHERN BEACHES TROICA the bird and demand Independence because Mike Baird's Puppet Show is demanding TAXES WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

When in 1958 My Father Max Backhouse bought land in "Allambie Heights" Resting Place he didn't think that meant Cemetery and the Koori don't either because they don't believe that death is final - they believe people rest until their Resurrection the words White and Wise are Synonymous to the Eora "Here" Gadigal and Garigal People yet I have never met a Gai Marigal from Barrangaroo's Tribe where I have grown up because they have gone walkabout as someone forced them onto the backs of trucks on 22 of March 1946 at Deep Creek when Wakehurst Parkway was opened and deported them to "Western Sydney" - My Dad was 11 Years old at the time and the Dhurrug woman in the next Street was just 6 

Barrangaroo's Gai Marigal Tribe was Deported to "Western Sydney" (Blacktown) on the back of lorries on March 22, 1946

Issa IBN Mariam PBUH was nailed to a stake ("Stavios") for daring to ask the question "Who do you say I am?" after being charged with Sedition because he kicked the Mongol Money Lenders out of the Temple for the Sin of Usury - Creating Money out of extortionate Debt Slavery using predatory Compound Interest as young Mike Baird practiced in the London Debt Market to Sabotage the Royal Bank of Scotland by allowing it to trade in the Sovereign Equivalent of Anti-matter that suddenly implodes into massive debts creating the Global Financial Crisis which in fact was a staged Provocation that required the Queen to under-white the very successful Royal Bank of Scotland which suddenly had to be bailed out by UK Taxpayers so that Scotland (The Land Of my Mother's Grandparents) would be indebted to the United Kingdom Taxpayers.

Here Lord James of Blackheath describes HONG KONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION (LONDON) 's Controlled implosion of ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND's SOVEREIGNTY.

The CITY OF LONDON reportedly ranks as the most affluent Region in Europe while North Sea Gas rich Scotland is the only other part of the UK that isn't in deep Financial Recession - Counties in England actually rank in the 10 poorest regions in Europe.

Mike Baird did a bunk from HSBC just before down under by moving to Manly and Winning Liberal Pre-Selection then the NSW State Seat of Manly off Independent David Barr thanks to a totally Biased Propaganda Campaign by the Manly Daily - the Entire Election Day Coverage was dedicated to Mike Baird running the Messianic Headline "Arise the Son" to give the Impression that he wasn't a blow in from Wooloowaree's Shire yet Mike is the False Messiah who cleverly Invested "Fannie May" and "Freddie Mac" Collatoralized Debt Obligations to Both Manly and Pittwater Councils to provide well vacuumed Leibensraum while Warringah was unaffected by these dodgy Derivatives and Frank Sartor's mate From Parramatta who initially put his address down at a friend's at Forestville while he was still married to his now Ex-Wife at Parramatta - then successfully ran to become (so called) Independent Mayor of Warringah for Frank Lowy's "Wake Up Warringah" you are being Ethnically Cleansed and Frank Lowy Bought 50% of Warringah Mall off AMP during the GFC because he couldn't afford to save Multiplex so Warringah Mall (Warringah's Largest Ratepayer) becomes Westfield Mall Brookvale at the same time without any Consultation Pukeha Warringah GM Rik Hart authorizes spending $608k on totally un-needed new signs and a website with a new CORPORATE (read DEAD) Logo Constructed out of three Arrowheads like the VolksWagon Logo and In the Background of a blue truncated Pyramid with a small inverted triangle "Eye of Horace"

Former Warringah General Manager Rik Hart's Ratepayer Funded $608k Satanic Signs - I am Surprized the bill wasn't rounded up to $666k

The really good Warringah Signs with an Actinotus Minor (Lesser Flannel Flower) and a Blue Sea Wave at the top as Warringah means "wave-sea-rain" recording several sudden sea level rises over the last 20,000 years that cause the Ocean to rise by 123m Verically in total - that $608k were spent to replace without even consulting the Hired Consulting team in Canada while Mayor Lord Moseley Regan kept Nuffield in business by driving a SS Roadster (Jaguar) because Residents would save on it's (Tax Deductible Expense) Depreciation  Value at Resale while the same applied to the rest of the fleet which were replaced with Imported European vehicles such as Volkswagen
Former Warringah Mayor Now NORTHERN BEACHES TROIKA of South East Rhodesia Mayor Michael Regan looks like he's laughing all the way to London's Banks - Warringah's Extreme Rationalist Pukeha General Manager Rik Hart decided to sell Lord Nuffield of Burramatta's Jaguar Roadster well before Warringah Council was Abolished as it seems it was becoming too much of an Insurance Risk - resale value is only one consideration

The new Sign at "Brookvale Park" - Wingala

The Mangrove leaves at each end are from a Riperian Species that only grows on ABororiginal Land at the High Tide Mark

When Crossing Deep Creek where Gai Marigal Tribe were Kidnapped From (on 22, March 1946) visitors are no longer welcomed and Summer Bay (Palm Beach) Visitors now find L90 Express Buses to be few and far between as the slower but more frequent "100 Sardines to a can" Yellow Double Decker Boondoggle-Line B1 Buses (that had to cancel all services on Saturday due to being unable to divert when one side of Military Road was shut because of a gas Leak) and only take passengers just past the Narrabeen half way point forcing passengers to alight at Mona Vale and cram into a crowded glacially slow all stops 199 service.

The Wil-le-me-ring Plaque on the Obelisk on West Esplanade, Manly Cove Balgowlah that Record's the CROWN's Representative Governor Arthur Philip's Surrender to Warringah's Pre-existing Tribal Common Law on September 7th, 1790AD

This plaque Record's the Surrender of the CROWN TEMPLE CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION's Representative Governor Arthur Philip on September 7th, 1790AD

Situated on an Obelisk at West Esplanade Balgowlah (Meaning "North Harbour") On what is known a "Manly" Cove after the Physique of Arabanoo who was Kidnapped by Governor Arthur Phillip and kept Shackled at the Governor's Residence with Colbee "Gibber tooth" an initiated Elder who survived Smallpox and escaped as opposed to Arabanoo who died on 18th May 1789 and was buried in the Governor Philip's Garden, At some stage later Headstrong Gai Marigal woman Barrangaroo From Cammeray (Gai Marigal Lands Went from what we call Warringah to as far West as Hunter's Hill) and her Husband Bennelong was captured when he was trying to rescue her.

After Being constantly plied with Rum (which rendered Bennelong an alcoholic) Bennelong plotted their escape because his guards were too fatigued from having to clean up after him so he negotiated to be released frequently for toilet breaks etc where previously if really drunk he couldn't even go out to vomit and the RedCoats would have to clean him up - Bennelong was forced to learn English and was even taught to learn to read and write (famously writing to thank the King for his visit to England), when he had won the confidence of the guards he slipped off his conspicuous clothes one night on a rest break, broke Barrangaroo free and the two slipped off into the darkness of the night.

Sometime later after somehow crossing to Barrangaroo's Country on the North Side of Warrang "Port Jackson" or "Sydney Harbour" Bennelong organised a Sting operation as Tribal Common Law Payback Justice for how Barrangaroo, Colbee, Bennelong and Especially Arabanoo had been mistreated by these Wise Men with their Long-arm Musket Fire-sticks and stiflingly uncomfortable English clothes. Bennelong might not have known this but the Farm at Farm Cove was planted in late Summer and all their crops failed as temperatures were heading into Winter because Southern Hemisphere Seasons were a foreign concept to the British so consequentially they were surviving on imported rations then in Late Winter in 1790 a the Kooris get hold of a Whale carcass and it ends up on the beach on Manly Cove in Balgowlah.

Seeing the Commotion of the Impending feast the Famished Redcoats led by Governor Philip row across intending to take possession of the whale but are confronted by Bennelong and Wil-le-me-ring who speared Governor Arthur Philip while Arthur Philip who had received strict instructions not to start a conflict with the Natives (who officially were not supposed to exist) shouted orders to his RedCoat Troops to "Hold your Fire".

The Term Koori meaning "Black Man/Woman" was coined between Bennelong and Arthur Philip because previously there was no White Man which in Borrowed English was Synonymous to Wise Man or Elder as the English with all their technology were believed to be Ghosts who had left and returned from the Afterlife - and that isn't far from true as Homo Sapiens Sapiens Evolved In Australia.

DNA Analysis shows the World Oldest Homo Sapiens Sapiens Genes are in Australia.

Australia also has the World's Oldest Complete Homo-Sapiens Sapiens Skeleton is Mungo Man from Willandra Lakes in Western NSW.

I note the article refers to some extraordinary old DNA evidence from Spain and this article showed up in Australia that isn't 400k years old but is a complete Homo Sapiens Sapiens Skull from Morocco that would be the world's Oldest Human Skull and almost 3 times older than the 115k Year old Chinese Dear Cave Jawbone - Keep in mind that prior to 20,000 Years Ago the Eaths Average Temperature was 5 Degrees lower and due to large Polar Glacial Ice Caps the World's Ocean/Sea Levels were 123m Lower for most of the last 2.6m Years.
I note the Article refers to some extraordinary old DNA evidence from Spain and this article showed up in Australia that isn't 400k years old but is a complete Homo Sapiens Sapiens Skull from Morocco that would be the world's Oldest Human Skull and almost 3 times older than the 115k Year old Chinese Dear Cave Jawbone.

Yet Blood Type Analysis shows Australia had only type O or A and type B and AB have only arrived here recently, the Americas only had Type O which came from Australia before Factor A Evolved - the East Asian Devonisian such as the Taiwanese Aboriginals, Tagalog Philipinos and their Polyneasian Cousins are usually 30% Factor B as are Madagascans and Many Africans - Maori are Linguistically Polynesian yet 98% type O blood and 2% type B.

Most of Europe wasn't a survivable Climate for Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Cro-Magnon) during the Last Ice Age Prior to 10k because we are too susceptible to Ear Nose and Throat infections due to the position of our Larynx that gives us a loud deep voice whereas Neanderthals could survive in colder climates as like other Primates they where immune to ear nose and throat infections.

Kananga or Kanangra = "The Meeting of  Two Wise Men or Women" = Treaty - from the front cover of the 1938 Sesqui-Centenaial Programme - this was slotted into the back of a Special Indigenous Feature by Manly Daily History Writer John Morcombe as the Sydney Council's Combined Aboriginal Heritage Office you rarely hear anything about received a $80,000 then suddenly produces a three page Editorial about "Northern Beaches" Thousands of Years of Aboriginal History without once Mentioning the Existence of or sudden non-existance of "Warringah" which was where Australia's third oldest dated Homo-Sapiens Sapiens Skeleton that of Narrabeen or Octavia man was found.

The Kananga or Kanangra "Meeting of two Wise Men" agreement was meant to be taken in a literal sense that Both Tribes (the Eora and the "Settlers") would tray away from each other - Sovereignty of the North Side of Sydney is Exclusively "Koori" owned with the worn "ngai meaning ownned thus the Name Kur-rin-gai became Geograpgically Synonymous with Warringah until they were separated into two Separate Shire Councils in 1906.

Garigal Tribesman Neil Evers who is a descendant of Bungaree who helped name Australia when he Circumnavigated the Continent with George Bass and Matthew Flinders in the "Tom Thumb" even tells me that Bushranger's Hill at Bungan Head, Newport where he lives is named after the Bushranger that shot his Great Grandfather who was the Law in Warringah - an armed ABoriginal Sherriff (Why doesn't History Record the name of the Sherriff?).

If you take this Agreement Literally as it was intended, you soon get into disagreement with tribes West of Parramatta (Burramatta) and as unrestrained Cattle soon wandered out to Cowpastures near Camden Conflict soon arose with Pemmulway who was armed with a musket stolen by sympathetic escaped Irish Convicts who taught him how to use a gun and fought along side him and this resulted in bloodbaths like Mougomurra (and Patonga) which involved the Dhurrug tribe The Liberal Party Faction on Blactown Council took the Disgraceful & Bluntly Politically Incorrect Position that all of the Local Durrug Tribe was EXTINCT or Terra Nullius because these  Liberal Party Blacktown Councilors justified Premier Mike Baird wanting to change Blacktown's name to "Western Sydney" arguing that the name Blacktown was Racist which drew an absolute outcry and $98,000 was spent to promote the Name Change only to find 80% of Residents were opposed and considered it to be an act of Ethic Cleansing - Pretending the ABoriginal Peoples are not there and never existed.

Most People Know why Blacktown is called Blactown and that other Tribes were sent there doesn't mean that the Dhurrug Tribe and were wiped out at Mougomurra (in a conflict that even drew in Wiradjury from What is mow Mudgee or Bathurst) Whist the Liberal Councilors had the contempt to deny that the Dhurrug still Exist In order to disenfranchise one of the largest ABoriginal Populations in Sydney to support Mike Baird's FASCIST "Fit for the Future" Amalgamations Agenda where Councilors were asked to take a "Pledge" swearing loyalty to the Agenda of the NSW Premier over the concerns of the Residents who Elect Councilors under duress of a Compulsory Voting System.

A photo from the landslide 1967 Referendum -  Kananga = "Meeting of two wise men" = Treaty and after being initiated as he had accepted Payback Governor Arthur Philip was accepted as a Tribal Elder and was bestowed the Tribal Name "Wooloowaree"

THE CROWN TEMPLE CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION and its its cronies like CAPITAL INVESTMENTS, HONG KONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION (LONDON) Have Zero Sovereignty over Koori Owned Land being the Lands of the "Eroa" Gai-Marigal Garigal, Gadiigal and Dhurrug Peoples North of Sydney Harbour or Warrang and Without a Treaty which must not leave any Party in a Minority a CORPORATION like NORTHERN BEACHES COUNCIL inc has no right to levy Taxes as they do not represent the Residents  being the (Neo) Saltwater People who Respect Pre-existing Common Law and It's Precedents especially when the Development Corporation NORTHERN BEACHES COUNCIL inc only holds 10 Brief Council and there has been much debate on whether or not to provide a brief Public Forum that would allow residents and ratepayers to actually participate in them.

This is exactly like how the Essines "Messianic Jews" were treated at King Herrod's Pharisses Tribunals because they were a "Kharawij" (Bandit) by Birth as the Pharisees Deemed that all Hebrews were Monothists and the Rabinical Canaanite Levi Tribe and Issa IBN Maryam Cohen PBUH (Jesus) Tribe were Lateral Thinkers who continued to Worship a Trinity that was Originally the Title Given to Jabob of "IS RA EL" being two Egyptian Gods ISis and RA plus ELoheim the Hebrew Earth God however Jesus said not to Worship Egyptian Gods (Muhammed Agreed) and the Trinity was Inverted to the Father (at the top) the Son and the Holy Spirit although not explained in the Bible and Not understood by many Muslims these are no longer three Gods but One God in three Incarnations.

This is what under Apostle Paul of Tarsus and Saint Peter of Antioch became Christianity is the Opposite of Kabaalism and prior to Jesus the Essines were Practicing Kabaalists (who perform Ritual Sacrifices to the God "Baal" in threes) and some still are while most Monotheisic Jews Couldn't Comprehend this. Many of these Monotheistic Jews Could not accept Jesus was a living God if he wasn't alive in a physical sense in the form of a descendant Child such was the belief in the Divine Right of Kings and that was who Mohammed Preached to Alongside Salman the Persian a Zoroastrian Convert to Christianity who is a Prophet of the Alawite Faith who are Shia Muslims who worship a "Triad" (Trinity) of "The Essece/Meaning", and the lesser incarnations "Name/veil" and his "Gate" and have what is otherwise Aramaic/Greek New Testament Theology yet no understanding of an Old Testament word like Armageddon "Last Battle of Har Megidd" was in 1500Bc and the Vatican translocated it into the Latin book of Revelation used to justify the Crusades instead of Apocalypse Greek = "to reveal" hence to Western Christians Apocalypse has come to mean destruction or End of the World when In reality it is a new beginning when new meaning becomes apparent.

I feel privileged to have met Syrians of the Alawite Faith after Professor Tim Anderson invited me to the Inaugural "Hands Off Syria" (Sydney)
Meeting at his apartment in Glebe because they new more about Australian First Nations Culture than I ever expected, Unlike Most Mohammed Preached to they were not Jewish and the Old Testament is foreign knowledge to them but they have a good grasp of the Greek Gospels including Barnabas - and they Believe in the Persian Panspermia/Astro-BioGenisis story of the Bunjalung Dreaming that Alfred Russell Wallace (Co-Discover of Evolution by Variation and Natural Selection to adapt to a dynamic Environment) supported that Intelligent Man was the seed of "Star Suff" (to Quote Carl Sagan) and such a theory has just been proposes to explain the parallel evolution intelligence of Octopus.

Like Mike Baird and Jillian Skinner, Sir Frank Lowy knows when to pack his bag do a runner because he sold his Global Interests in Westfeild Shopping Centres same as Mike Baird's old boss in the HSBC London Debt Market Li Ka Shing resigned as HSBC CEO and got out just before the CDO Derivatives bubble burst in 2008.

"Home on the Grange" star Barry O'farrell knows when it's best to "Pick a Box"

Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce were just dragged kicking and screaming into a Banking Enquiry created by the Banks themselves and the terms of Reference were set to Quarantine the Foreign Controlled Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority who effectively act to Benefit the Big 4 Oligopoly and in turn try and disgrace the non-APRA Mutual Industry Super funds etc that are much more accountable to their Member/Customers.

Then at the Last minute the Malcolm Turnbull Government who never wanted a Banking Inquiry decided to turn it into a game of Nurenberg Trials "Truth or Dare" as the Government has bravely decided to batten down the Hatches and support the Citizen's Electoral Council's Australian Glass-Steagal Structural Banking Separation Act being presented by the Hon. Bob Katter, Independent for Kennedy as Theresa May's Submarines are too loud and all three with 20 Cruise Missiles each were chased away from Syria by Russia's new Warm water Diesel Electric Submarines so trying to expand the Loans Market by starting WW3 didn't work so the London Debt Market is doomed.

Ignore people long enough they end up becoming part of the REAL ESTATE - Under ROMAN LAW only CAPITAL LETTERS are used on TOMBSTONES to signify the occupant is DEAD

The RotShilds at the Salvation Army are Supposedly a Methodist Street Mission founded in the 1850's that obviously consider themselves an equal opportunity employer as they must consider their main task to be a Government Service Provider.

The two signs I overlayed with a three ply vaneer were only up for about one day when I put them up before Dawn on Easter Sunday, April 1st, 2018 (April Fools Day).

It seems the Salvation Army don't believe in Resurrection which is the Primary tenet of the Christian Faith that they claim Tax Free Exemption to spread.
When The Salvation Army Communications Manager Complained to Police they took no action because they didn't take him seriously, I called him on Tuesday and finally got through to Graeme Hewiitt (who I can tell by his Surname is a distant Relative on my father's Side) and he accused me of "Vandalism" or "Malicious damage" and I said that I did minimal damage and that he would Make the Salvation Army look Very Stupid.

I received a courtesy call from NORTHERN BEACHES COMMAND "Dee Why Police" on the following Thursday to tell me Mr Hewitt had made a complaint but they would not be taking action.

At Possession Island On August 22, 1770 Lieutenant James Cook, as Captain of HMS Barque Endeavour Claimed the Sea Lanes up to the high tide mark on the East Coast of New Holland By the Name of New South Wales including Bays, Harbours, Rivers and Islands (and the Kuarareg People have Successfully Claimed Native Title over Possession Island.

I usually call Warringah the Stolen Ku-ring-gai (Koori - owned) Land of the Gai-Marigal and Garigal Tribes who have Never Ceded Sovereignty however I think I have just returned it to their Sovereignty as the Yankee's argued the Pope was Sovereign of the Americas in the Western World under the Jerusalem Treaty and  not the British CROWN who is not Sovereign here in the Eastern Hemi-Sphere Either - Especially since the 1967 British Surrender of Aden Protectorate to the Communist "People's Republic of South Yemen" Forces which triggered a Mass Independence Movement of Oriental British Colonies except for Singapore which was a State that was expelled from the Malaysian Federation in 1965 - then Rt Hon. Ted Heath Disenfranchised Australia in 1973 and This was successfully used by Hon. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Member for Wentworth to win the "Spyc-atcher" Publishing Case - A Precedent which led to the Australia Act of 1986 which Essentially outlined a Case for Constitutional Reform being that Australia was a Defacto Republic which is lacking a Legal Head of State and this stymies State and Federal Relations as the States are not necessarily answerable to the Prime Minister or Governor General as they were to the Queen - Effectively Each State now has their own different Commonwealth CROWN Sovereignty except for Western Australia and so it seems "Ku-ring-gai" Lands of Warringah.

Instead of Constitutional Reform the Liberal Party have Colluded With Several Highly Prominent Labor Politicians such as Kim Beasley and Julia Gillard to exploit the situation to Australia's Detriment and :

"on 29th Jan 2007 the Defendant Julia Gillard after Presentation to the Melbourne Magistrate's Court of misprison of Treason did have a Grand Jury Application Lodged in accordance with section 354 of the Crimes Act 1958 Victoria and as such the Grand Jury Application remains pending in relation to the concealment of an Act of Treason that originated out of the Federal State of Western Australia and as such has caused all the politicians both State and Commonwealth to be attained of treason".
Annexure is marked as "BWS"

The words of presentment are:
On 1st January 2004, the Government of West Australia at Perth, Western Australia, inclusive of the Executive Legislature and Judicial arms, in agreement with "the Commonwealth", did enact an overt Act, titled "Acts Amendment and Repeal Courts and Legal Practices Act 2004 WA". By such an enactment an act of Treason was committed. Such Treason has been  concealed by the defendant, since the date of enactment up to and inclusive of the present date."  

Brian Shaw Presenting Stop the Election 2013

Part 2 Since the Australia Act 1986 the High Court has ruled that the "Sovereign" is the Elector (Same as Communist People's Republic of Bangladesh)

Part 3
Part 4:  Australia was "Slam Dunked at the Australia Act" - Constitutional Change must be by Referendum - Plebiscites are not a Referendum

Part 5: Julia Gillard conceals her (Misprison of) Treason Charge as Deputy PM
Then Attorney General who Is Now Hornsby Mayor Philip Rudock Also charged
Part 6 of 14 "With the utmost respect your Honor I think all the criminals are currently out of Prison"

Australian Political Treason 7/14

When in 2010 Ms Juliia Gillard Received her 2nd Charge of Treason for not informing Parliament of her 1st "Misprison of Treason" Charge and continuing to sit in Parliament and became Deputy PM - not even after a 2nd Charge did Ms Gillard Inform Parliament as she was required not to sit whilst the matter remained pending - then in late June 2010 Ms Julia Gillard deposed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a Coup that was in reality over Prime Minister expelling an IS RA ELi Diplomats for Stealing the Identities of Real Australians for Real Australian Passports that Photos of Mossad Assassins who are now (again) living under Canadian Protection after they assassinated a Palestinian Politician Politician in a Secure Dubai Hotel Room after en-mass dodging Hotel Security whilst dressed as if for a Tennis Match.

Then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Called a Press Conference for 10.30PM AEST Immediately after ABCTV Aired a Special 2 Hour Long Edition of Foreign Correspondent Investigating the Death of Australian/IS RA ELi Dual Citizen "Ben Zygier" by a "reportedly by hanging himself in a maximum security cell designed to be suicide proof" (Wikipedia)  who was arrested and Imprisoned by IS RA EL for apparently leaking the story of the Dubai Hotel Room Assassination of the Palestinian Member of Parliament and called a spill for the following morning which after he slept on it he did not contest. ABCTV does not have this important Episode of Foreign Correspondent on-line - I can only wonder why?,4025

I then agreed with Mark Latham that Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard were two sides of the same Zionist Coin so Neither won a lot of preferences as both were derided - As a "Northern Beaches Green" I sat in on the Manly Greens Preference Decision meeting where the result was leaked (now know who by as he admitted support for the attack on the "Marvi Mara" in a message to me by email - he carried a business card that red "Agent Provocateur" and he used to publicly criticize Tony Abbott for no reason other than to change the direction of the debate - in reality they were good Friends and we met Tony Abbott one knight in King's Cross who had Parked his new gold Mercedes (where he was bent over the bonnet signing Parliamentary Letters) outside the Green's Infiltraitor's son's Music Studio and then the traitor invited Tony in - I thought later Tony Abbott might have been parked there deliberately) to the Manly Daily for a Front Page beat up Article in favor of Labor's Stale Right Wing Candidate who had challenged Tony Abbott to a Boxing Match as a Political stunt against glass jawed Tony Abbott (who received a Scholarship for Boxing at one stage after having a less than perfect Match record - much like his results in Latin which I suspect were brought down by having to write Italics which is almost impossible for Left Handers,3338

By 2012 I had to leave the Australian Greens over the Unconstitutional Pro-war Agenda of the Australian Greens (thankfully this has recently changed) who have ganged up on NSW Green's Members such as Fiona Byrne and Senator Lee Rhiannon who Support the BDS and Oppose the Arab Spring as Determined by the NSW State Deligate's Council but were over-ruled by the Australian Greens at Federal Council on the Basis that NSW Greens was a State Party and as thus could not hold a Position of Foreign Affairs which is beyond Jurisdiction of NSW Politics and went as far as banning Senator from any discussion on Foreign Affairs and there was an uproar when Lee was Interviewed by Press TV at George Galloway's  full house Sydney Town Hall Meeting about Syria that all other Australian Politicians Boycotted - Of course youtube have censored the footage but you can still read people's comments 

Up until the Recent Condemnation by Senator Richard Di Natale of Britain an France's Failed US backed Missile Strikes against Syria (After Seven Years of NATO/Israel/GCC backed Proxy War) Lee Rhiannon Is the only MP who has spoken about the true Concerns of the West's Proxy Guerilla's attacks on Syria's Civilian's (causing Refugees to flee) to draw "Responsibility to Protect" Doctrine "Humanitarian Intervention" as used so successfully to destroy any semblance of Libya Socialist Direct Democracy

Senator Rhiannon was nice enough to speak out against War again at a 2015 Refugee Rally - other Politician's would have you believe Australian/NATO Military Aggression  has nothing to do with the Refugees who arrive on our shores only to be Refouled to Indefinite Detention

After Barry "Bob Dyer" O'farrell resigned the Sydney Morning Herald made a similar comparison to ask if he could be a "Soufflet that rises twice"?

Tony Abbott

"That the Third Respondent, Mr Tony Abbott did have actual and constructive knowledge of the fact that the Crown and Monarch had been removed without any referendum whatsoever and that Julia Gillard and others had been criminally charged and as such remain pending Grand Jury in the State of Victoria.

The Express Post number 0815 1183 5091 by letter dated 5 May 2010. The letter is annexed and marked BWS18"

Tony Abbott replied to Mr Brian Shaw with a one page form letter that implied that sometime in the future he will be "fair dinkum" - so far we can only wait with baited breath ( "fair dinkum" is a trans-located Chinese term from the Gold Rush meaning "Pure Gold"   

Kim Beasley (Grand Jury Defendant)
Annexure "BWS 12" is a copy of the charge and the words of the presentment in relation to Kim Beasley, former leader of the Australian Labor Party.

The Presentment
"The Defendant within the Commonwealth of Australia during the period from 1st January 2004 up to and inclusive of present date did commit the offence of Common Law Treason by consent to the overt Act titled "Acts Amendment and Repeal (Courts and Legal Practice) Act 2003 WA" enacted at Perth Western Australia on 1st January 2004  Annexure is marked as "BWS 12" "

Mr Brian Shaw's Website:

Voting No to Question 2 of the Republic Referendum presented a Catch 22 meaning -  It has been Argued by defacto that only Section 9 Still applies thus Australia has been Re-Colonized when in fact the over 60.66% on November 9, 1999 when the "No" answer means that the Status Quo should have remained

The Port Philip Group - "We have to solve the Whitlam Problem"

Tony Backhouse

Administrator: The Warringah Republic

ViVa Warringah

Kananga Now! = Treaty Now

For Mindari = "Festival to Evoke Peace" (Dieri Language South Australia)

11 Moresby Place Allambie Heights, Warringah NSW 2100

Australasia (Formerly Sahul)

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On the Stolen Kuringgai (Koori Owned) land of the Gai Marigal and Garigal Tribes who have never Ceded Sovereingty.

Kananga = Meeting of two wise men - agreement between Bennelong and Governor Arthur Philip after surrendering to payback justice in the form of a spearing to the Shoulder Blade by Wil-le-me-ring.

On this day of Our Lord (Anno Domini) Wed April 25th, 2018


  1. Via Facebook

    "Dear Alex Mctaggart - The Purpose of the Letter was to acknowledge how farcical the NeoColonal Predatory the Self Serving NSW State Government has become especially the Extortionate behaviour of their CORPORATE toadey the #Northern @BeachesCouncil of #SourhEastRhodesia and that neither has Legal SOVEREIGNTY in these Lands without a SOVEREIGN Treaty with this Land's First Peoples - the NSW Government seem to be working on the the GENOCIDAL proviso that If they can wait long enough all First Nations's People's Nation's DNA will somehow die out and Terra Nullius Incognito" will be achieved when in fact the opposite is true - I am not of Aboriginal Ancestry yet in 2001 I found out that my Perth Cousin Ronald Rivet (who I have never actually met) had Married (and since divorced) a Nyongar Woman and I have two Nyoongar Tent Embassy Cousins Summer Bolton' or Summer Bolton )who uses her mother's Surname) and her older Sister Teekah-Jean Marion Rivett - A Recent Article in the Manly Daily reported that Neil Evers's Parents did not tell him of their Aboriginal Heritage which such was the fear of having having him ABducted as part of the Stolen Generation and for almost the only time since the Manly Daily reported the "Shock" of the Electronic Survey that Residents Preferenced to "Split Warringah" into "Greater Manly" (AKA Manly-Warringah) and "Greater Piitwater" (AKA MacKellar) as opposed to Abolishing IWarringah which Is what we got anyway that Warringah actually received a mention when the Aboriginal Support Group Manly Warringah Pittwater actually got past what so obviously is deliberate NewsLimited Censorship - By Succeeding from the NSW Commonwealth based on the Kananga or Kanangra Agreement of September 7th, 1790 that Declared "Balgowlah" (North Harbour) and Warringah (Everywhere North of "Warrang" or Port Jackson/Sydney) to be "Kurringgai" = "Koori" (Black Man/Woman) + "ngai" = "Owned" Land.. I can thus Disown them as of late they do nought constructive that actually benefits me (relative to much better services available under the Neville Wran / Alan Stewart and later Peter McDonald Era) - Admittedly Nick Greiner was a disaster but Barry Unsworth was an Excellent Premier and I gave my Preferences only once to Brad Hazzard in 1995 because I far preferred a Very Honest John Fahey to a glib Bob Carr - and other than Nathan Rees and Kristina Keneally's Strong personal attempts at reform the NSW State Government has been on a downward spiral ever since. I feel fortunate to be old Enough to Remember the Very Good Warringah Council of Paul Couvret and Labor's Brian Green (Who was up there for Integrity with Manly Mayor Peter MacDonald) who worked alongside Labor Councillor and One Term Labor Member for Wakehurst Tom Webster - Robert Dunn and the New Pittwater Council of 1994 also rates a mention for Solving the dispute created between the Uniting Church in Australia Wesley Mission and the Scout Association of NSW after Elanora Scout Hall built on a Battleaxe block of Land behind Wesley Street Elanora Heights as the old fibro scout hall burnt down in late December 1993 because the "right of way" driveway was too narrow for a Fire and Rescue NSW or Riural Fire Service Appliance to gain access to defend it.

    1. As My Mother was still Treasurer of Allambie Scouts and our Neighbour two doors away was No Longer Involved with Scouts (Maurice Patterson was Allambie Heights Group Scout Master) with his Wife Norma involved in the NSW Synod of the Uniting Church - with Negotiations being Relayed via telephone from Wesley Mission to Number 9 Moresby Place then vis-a-vis to the Backhouses at Number 11 scotching the Rumors circulating that blamed the Northern Beaches Uniting Church for not being able to build on the same site - Pittwater Council then allowed Elanora Scouts to build on reclaimed land on Narrabeen Lakes Northern Foreshore in Billarong Reserve. Robert Dunn and Pittwater Council's Effort's to solve the dispute really impressed me especially as Pittwater Council allow the Scouts to Camp on Billarong Reserve and this resulted in a very successful Jamboree of the air being held there - I never wanted anything to do with NORTHERN BEACHES COUNCIL as in my mind the BANKRUPT and INSOLVENT organization is already DECEASED (Terra Nullius) in ROMAN TERMS and the Hon Gabrielle Upton needs to WIND THE CORPORATION OF "NORTHERN BEACHES COUNCIL" UP so we should stop wasting good money after bad so I bought the Domain for the extortionate amount of US$18 + GST per year to re-establish Warringah Council seeing as NSW Government are not using the Name Warringah anymore - at the Bennelong By-Election the NSW Liberal's Registered the Domain Domain as opposed to Kristina Keneally's personal website If I am still annoying people at least my correspondence is being noticed.

    2. The Comment on "Good For Manly" page was actually stated as being from Denise McTaggart who Is Clr Alex McTaggart's Wife - I hope that he actually got to see the email which contained the draft of this article.

    3. We can single out the work of Fred Hollows as a major factor of why Australia's First Nations Population is now on the Increase - their Health has improved remarkably since in 1990 the Haemophilus Influenzae Type B Bacterial Meningitus Vaccine was introduced to all 12 year old girls who pass on immunity to their children via the colostrum antibodies in their breast milk and this prevents chronic Ear, nose and throat infections that make schooling almost impossible and could cause deafness and Permanent Brain Damage as well as Occular Glaucoma from fly-strike as Cro-Magnon Australian First Nations had no immunity from an otherwise harmless Tracheal Bacteria that Europeans inherited from interbreeding with Neandertals.

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  3. 15th Century Copy drawn by a German Lutheran Priest of a Greek Assyrian Map c 500bc - 200bc where Western Australia is marked as "India" and Brazil is also on the Western Side of the Map wearing the new name Amerigo Vespucci who proved that Columbus Landed in a new Continent but this Map Outline c 500 - 200bc suggests that the Phoenecians ended up in Brazil in around 500bc as they must have got lost in the South Atlantic "Doldrums" when navigating West Africa which is why later explorers made a habit of hugging the African Coast.

  4. Operation Antioch

  5. Operation Take Back Australia


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